About Rebecca Ghaderi

Rebecca Ghaderi was Born on April 11, 1998 in Iran. She started working and pursuing her dreams at a very young age as a photographer and a model, and that time she was only 14 years old.


After only two years, when she was 16 years old, she got a work offer from a French brand named Jennyfer. After this major collaboration, she started doing projects with Iranian companies and international brands.


She is a multi-talented girl, and she proves it by time. Today, she is not only a famous model but also works as a successful businesswoman.


Because of her fame and success in the modeling field, she has started her own very successful belt brand name Rebecca Ghaderi Collection.

Rebecca Ghaderi Collection

Since 2018, Rebecca runs a belt brand where she creates beautiful and unique belts for females.


She would love to support the girls who want to become someone, but they have no facilities or have backward social backgrounds. She also belongs to the place where modeling is not an excellent profession; therefore, she left her homeland and settled here in Turkey.


Check out her Instagram accounts or our shop page if you want to check the latest belt collection of her brand.